Real life and real events are happening all around you.

PLATONIC is the mobile app that allows you to meet people in your area on your terms.

With our team coming to Berlin from around the world, we at PLATONIC understand the isolation and difficulty in finding new social circles. And just like you, we found other social networking tools didn‘t meet our needs for timeliness, security and communication. So we built it ourselves. PLATONIC is a free and easy-to-use tool for anybody to find fun and fulfilling things to do in the real world – in your area and in your time. 

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Our mission is to create a simple way to form human connections in real-time.

As people, our goal is to enable Tech for social good.

My second life began in 2013 when I came to Germany after having spent 27 years in my homeland India. I know what it means to leave people you loved behind and as Founder of PLATONIC, my mission is to ensure all hearts and minds are cared for on a safe technology platform. Social networks can lead to real connections and we are building that with our passionate user community.



I was born and raised in Chicago, but have lived and studied all over the world. Everywhere I go, the challenge is always making the connections that make a new place a new home. I see PLATONIC as a tool for helping people break out of the shell of their social isolation by showing that real things are always going on, in real time, with real people.

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